How to Make Mens Cologne?

Answer Cologne has held a corner in every large department store for generations. Sparkling bottles of intriguing shapes and rich colors house strong scents. Instead of using a cologne that smells like e... Read More »

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Best smelling cologne?

first let me say why would ask a girl that . thats like a girl asking you what tampon she should use and not to sound mean but you need to hear this . first off never have just one bottle of smell... Read More »

What's the best smelling body spray or cologne for a guy?

chrome by azzaromove by adidasmost people like it their not too strongand their not expensive

How to Use Mens Hair Gel?

Mens hair gel is great for guys who don't want that flowery smell that hair products for women have. In fact, this is the main reason why men buy gel hair products that state they are for men. Bel... Read More »

Can't get all the way up... (mens health)?

Don't worry about it, worrying will make it worst! you can speak to you GP about it but at your age there is unlikely to be anything physically wrong with you. so try to relax, cut back on smoking ... Read More »