What is the best sexy app for android market?

Answer the galaxy tab it better then the iphone because it has hundreds of more apps than the iphone and its battey power is stronger then an iphones.

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What is the best dating app for the android market?

i don't think you can play multilayer because apple and android are completely different companies.

What are the best apps from android market?

Well, it would depend on what kind of apps you want and/or need. But in my opinion, the #1 recommended app for ALL Droid phones is the AdvancedTaskKiller app. What it does is that it "kills" the ap... Read More »

What is the best free game to download from android market?

Android App market is full game apps and free version of almost every cool game is available on market place. Every one has a different standard of a 'Best Game' but still there are few games that ... Read More »

What is the Best Android on the Market right now besides the Samsung Galaxy 3?