What is the best setting for virtual memory using vista premium?

Answer Consider two or three times the amount of physical memory in the computer as a starting point for the virtual memory size in Windows Vista. In a computer with 3 GB of memory, the virtual memory siz... Read More »

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How to Best Manage Virtual Memory in XP SP2?

Windows XP SP2 contains virtual memory settings, which refers to an area of the hard drive set aside to hold information for the computer, acting as an artificial extension of the random access mem... Read More »

I am using a computer with windows xp and 704mb of ram. How can I make it quit running out of virtual memory?

Try right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties, then go to the Advanced tab and click the Settings button for Performance. Under the "Visual Effects" tab, change that from letting Windows... Read More »

What is a virtual environment in a classroom setting?

A virtual learning environment in the classroom is a great learning tool because it involves computers and the Internet in a way that lets everyone interact with the same material simultaneously.Fe... Read More »

How to Install the Virtual Machine Additions Using Virtual PC 2007?

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 is a free program for Windows that competes with software such as VMware in the area of computer virtualization. You can use it to run multiple versions of Windows on the ... Read More »