What is the biggest selling book?

Answer The Bible over 100 million copies every year.

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What book has sold more copies than any other book in the history of the world?

The Holy Bible, in all of its translations, has been the most-sold book in the history of the world. Estimates of the numbers of copies that have been sold or distributed range from 2.5 billion to ... Read More »

What are the the two top selling spices in the world?

Well as others have brought up already, SALT is NOT a spice, it is a necessary mineral. "Garlic power" is also NOT a spice any more than "onion powder" is! Of course "black pepper" which is used pr... Read More »

What is the best selling birdseed?

On One Hand: Kaytee Pet ProductsWith more than 100 years of service in the bird food industry and a vast resource network of veterinarians and nutritionists, Kaytee is the top distributor of bird s... Read More »

What is the best selling men's cologne?

On One Hand: The Survey Says...John Varvatos Artisan, a citrus, and Armani Code, a spice, were found to be top rated in a review of several 2009 polls (, Azzarro Ch... Read More »