What is the best selling birdseed?

Answer On One Hand: Kaytee Pet ProductsWith more than 100 years of service in the bird food industry and a vast resource network of veterinarians and nutritionists, Kaytee is the top distributor of bird s... Read More »

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How to Safely Dye Birdseed?

The key to safely dyeing bird seed is the dye itself. Synthetic dyes have been linked to a host of different tumors throughout the body and cancer in lab rats. They can contain coal tar and petrole... Read More »

What is a red capsicum for birdseed?

Red capsicum is an additive for wild birdseed or suet that is intended to discourage other animals--particularly squirrels and rodents--from eating the seed. While capsicum acts as an irritant for ... Read More »

Can chickens eat birdseed?

Chickens can eat birdseed; In fact, sunflower seeds are a particular favorite. However, a steady diet of seeds is not healthy for chickens. Birdseed lacks certain nutrients and may make them fat as... Read More »

Can birdseed hurt dogs if they eat it?

On One Hand: It Can Be HarmfulEating birdseed has the potential to harm dogs. According to veterinarian Jill Bowen at, the birdseed can ferment in their digestive tract causing s... Read More »