When did Stephen King write his first book?

Answer According to the author's biography on his website, Stephen King's first book was Carrie, which was accepted for publication in 1973. It was eventually published in 1974. He wrote the novel on nigh... Read More »

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How many best-sellers has Stephen King written?

According to his official website, Stephen King has written 48 novels, six works of nonfiction and nine short-story collections. All of them could technically be considered best-sellers, since all ... Read More »

Which stephen king story has worked the best when made into a movie or mini series?

I hated the book "Misery" but loved the movie. Your choice is excellent tho. The book scared the crap out of me and the movie did turn out pretty decent. I thought the mini series of "The Stand" wa... Read More »

What is the theme of"The Stand"by Stephen King?

Stephen King is a master of writing novels with multiple recurring themes and layers that span several novels. This is especially true in his longer works like "The Stand."Good and EvilAfter the de... Read More »

What dog breed is"Cujo"from the Stephen King novel?

Cujo, the star of Stephen King's novel "Cujo" and the movie of the same name, is a large, long-haired Saint Bernard. Cujo showed ideal Saint Bernard temperament until he contracted rabies from a ba... Read More »