What is the best scanning format?

Answer Here is a step-by-step tutorial on the adobe website which tells you how to reduce the file size. If you have the right program (acrobat professional), you should be able to change the format in wh... Read More »

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Scanning problem - how do i change what format the picture is?

If you have photoshop, you can go to 'save as' and choose what file you wanna save it as.

How to reduce the size of photoshop document and how to add multiple documents in pdf format after scanning on?

You can take snaps of the photo and paste it in a word document one-by-one and print it using PDF writer, this will store all your photos in a single PDF.This is the best way, which I follow in my ... Read More »

What is the best scanner for scanning pencil drawings/traditional work?

Any decent scanner can do this is set properly. If you want a good low cost scanner that scans nice, get the HP G-3110 or the HP G-4010 for legal size drawings.The secret is to set the scanner to s... Read More »

What flatbed scanner (economic) is best for scanning cgc graded comics I need it to be legal size (8 1/2x14)?

What Epson do you own? I've heard far to many compliments for Epson scanners and had far too many problems with my HP Scanjet scanner to recommend any other brand than Epson.