What is the best road bike wheel?

Answer On One Hand: Faster Is BetterThe less a wheel rim weighs, the less rotating mass on the bike and the faster the bike can accelerate or climb. Hubs should be similarly light, and fewer spokes are us... Read More »

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How to Buy a Used Road Bike?

Buying a used road bike is not all that different from buying a used car. While you will likely shell out less cash for a bike, you still have to consider where its been, how it was ridden and if t... Read More »

How to Size a Road Bike?

Road bikes should be adjusted to fit each particular rider. Sizing a road bike to fit you will help you achieve comfort and efficiency from your road bike. All of the tools you need to size your ro... Read More »

How to Buy a Suitable Road Bike?

If you want to take up road biking and want a bike you can use without requiring upgrades later, $1000 is a good price range to shop for a new bicycle.

How to Put Cyclocross Tires on a Road Bike?

Road bikes are generally set up with slick-tread tires that require high air pressures and are suited only for use on pavement. Cyclocross tires are the same diameter as road bike tires, but use lo... Read More »