What is the best restaurant in kolkata ?

Answer There are so many good restaurant in Kolkata that it's hard to pick the best one from them. But you can choose One step Up or Tung Fung as a best Chinese food .

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What is The best travel agencies in Kolkata to visit Switzerland?

I guess you should avail a package for that so it will be more cheaper. For the travel agency there it depends on your wants my friend. So rather research for that.

What is the best restaurant to try for Philly's Restaurant Week ?

It’s that time again, Restaurant Week It's time to celebrate something about our city that continues to draw national attention.Last year I tried Pompei (Italian), Cuba Libre (Cuban) and Estia (... Read More »

What is the best way for a server to get the best tips in a restaurant I Need good serving techniques!?

Okay, here you go!1. Serve from the left. Clear from the right.2. No matter what the people ask for, always act as though it is absolutely your pleasure to give it to them.3. Avoid tables with ... Read More »

What restaurant has the best ribs?

I would say Sticky Fingers or Smokey Bones don't know if they are everywhere...the best local places (Charleston,SC) Bessinger's BB... Read More »