What is the best restaurant in kolkata ?

Answer There are so many good restaurant in Kolkata that it's hard to pick the best one from them. But you can choose One step Up or Tung Fung as a best Chinese food .

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How to Make Kolkata Basundi?

Kolakata Basundi is a famous Indian dessert which anyone can try at home.Taste it and enjoy.

Does Omega-3 contain medicine available in kolkata?

If you mean a supplement that contains omega 3 fatty acids, then ask for them in a pharmacy or other health food stores. Omega 3s are found in fish oil, krill oil, flaxseeds and all other nuts, for... Read More »

How to Send Gifts to Kolkata?

If you know someone who lives in Kolkata (also known as Calcutta), India, you can send that person a gift through the U.S. Mail or through an express shipping company such as Federal Express. Check... Read More »

How can I get all the stopage details of all buses in Kolkata?

go downtown to Kolkata transit and get schedule