How long does it take you to fall asleep. what are some tricks so fall asleep faster?

Answer It can take me up to an hour to fall asleep. But I have noticed that If I leave the tv on with the volume down really low that helps me fall asleep. I also like the sound of a fan it is almost rela... Read More »

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What can I do to help my legs not fall asleep?

Cristen you are not a doctor. Try pinching your legs every now and then so the nerves stimulate the muscles thus preventing them from falling "asleep".

What is the best way to fall asleep without drugs or herbal remedies?

Some things that help me are:readinghot cup of teaand especially, my sound machine that plays realxing sounds like spring rain, summer crickets, white noise and ocean waves. It really works well.

I'm at work and so sleepy, I'm about to fall asleep. Help me! What can do to stay awake?

Help me fall asleep!?

Lay in your most comfortable position. Whether it's on your back, side or stomach. Then slowly relax your muscles. Start at your toes, then foot. Then ankle, calf and so on. It keeps your mind from... Read More »