What is the best remedy for insonmia?

Answer Try to figure out why you can't sleep. What is on your mind. Like a person or a big mistake. Write it down and put it in you sleep journal. This will hopefully make things better.

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What is your hangover remedy?

Lots and Lots of Water (before bed,in bed,in morning WATER!)Vitamin C---like at least 1000mg (if you smoke--even more)A multi or B's vitamin certain will helpApricots---trust me on this oneA prote... Read More »

What is a remedy for age spots?

Age spots are brownish black spots that occur in areas that have been exposed to the sun, according to Medline Plus. Spots are usually flat and painless. Age spots are common as people age (especia... Read More »

Why does my PC gets slower with age and what is the remedy?

there are several possible factors.1. if you have not defragmented your harddrive lately, it's probably due for it.2. You will probably want to run some scans for spyware / adware / malware. The... Read More »

How to Remedy Dry Hair?

Some people are born with dry hair. Some people have acquired dry hair through styling products and over-processing. Even age and sun can change the texture and moisture in hair, causing dry, britt... Read More »