What do you make of this answer I have just recieved to a Linux related question?

Answer Lug- I think the question just caught her with her mind out of gear on another rant or sumpthin'. Sad. One of the MAIN reasons I returned to Linux was the open source idea, and freedom from DRM, an... Read More »

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On my iphone it said that I recieved 6.4 gb. Is that too much?

Assuming it's the standard $1 for 1MB, your gonna get charged for an extra 4.4GB.That equates to 4400MB. So, got $4400 on top of what I assume is a $60 plan?$0.25 for 1MB over? $1100.$0.50 for 1MB ... Read More »

Teens: If you recieved $1,000,000, what would you do with it?

-Fund post-secondary education-Give some to my mom-Buy a car-Save some-Do some philanthropy

Stars recieved?

it means your a Yahoo movie Star. just hit the star button at the top. see how big you are.# 1 for you


Don't worry. Someones line just temporarily got crossed with yours. You phone picked up a strong signal, making it think someone was calling...Causing it to ring...The signal could not determine a ... Read More »