What is the best program to easily convert audio files?


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How do I convert Real Audio files to WAV files?

Install ConverterDownload and install a file-converter program that can change Real Audio files to WAV files, such as Noteburner or RM Wav Converter for Windows-based computers or Switch Sound File... Read More »

Can I convert video files into audio files?

Old style and you can use what you got without downloading software.Most computers come with a program called "Sound Recorder" or in my case to find my recorder I go to Start-> All Programs-> Realt... Read More »

How do I convert MP4 audio files to MP3 audio files?

Convert With AudionInstall the free audio player from Panic: Audion (see the Resources section for a link). Go to the "Tools" drop-down menu and select "Encode Item." Locate the MP4 audio file and ... Read More »

How to Convert LVP Audio Files?

The .lvp file extension was created by Avaya as a voice recording audio format. The extension is incompatible with most audio software, so users will need to convert the format for playback on othe... Read More »