What is the best professional camera under $200?

Answer You simply can not get a quality camera for under $200. The camera that I am looking at getting is a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. Its a great Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) for the price. This one is... Read More »

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My definition of a "professional" HD video camera:Lens diameter of 70mm or larger;3CCD or 3CMOS imaging chip array.Low compression video capture and storage.When you find this, you get:Separate zoo... Read More »

Good professional camera under $450?

Add a zero and you'll get somewhere near a "professional" camera. You can take great pictures with an "amateur" camera. You could probably take the pictures you showed with a phone camera.If you'... Read More »

What is the best professional camera .but at the best price i am a newbie , and really could use help?

You're shooting a wedding in only two weeks? Sorry to say this, but you shouldn't. If you're asking me why, it's because you don't have enough experience or knowledge yet. My guess is that all you'... Read More »

What is the best professional camera?

Professional cameras, in photo'speak are high end DSLRs costing $6,000. This is why you are getting such comments.Your description of what you need can cover hundreds of cameras. And it is up to y... Read More »