What is the best product to avoid a scar please ?

Answer Isa,This is my favourite product for skin injuries, pimples, acne scar, mouth ulcer, etc..i used to use this for years to reduce swollen and bleeding pimples and now my skin is problem free. I've r... Read More »

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What do you think is the best scar medicine ?

Try Palmer's Cocoa Butter. I heard it works really well.Please, don't go tanning. All you need is skin cancer, plus a scar. Sorry to the person below me.

Please help is my cut still healing or scar please help?

It takes time for a cut to heal, but 5 weeks should have been enough. Be careful putting all these oils and creams next to your eye. You don't want to get any of that into your eye. Wash it w... Read More »

Deep acne scar treatment! please HELP!?

There are many home remedies for acne scar treatment. For example, Lemon lightening can help you in treating acne scar tremendously. Lemons are full of vitamin C.

Burned my hand--will it scar (PLEASE READ)?

You don't want it to dry out. What you have been doing is fine. Your body fluids are what liquified the ointment. The new skin underneath needs to be protected and kept supple with either the an... Read More »