What is the best 'pro veg' slogan you've heard?

Answer " The holocaust begins when people look inside of a slaughterhouse and say ,Oh they're just animals". Edit- My second favorite is, " Seitan isn't evil. It's just misunderstood."

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I heard Canon is the best digital camera brand, do you agree If not what is the best?

Canon & Nikon. Each make their own great cameras.I have had good experienced with each, and i personally like Nikons better in general, especially for a DSLR.

What is the best answering machine message you've heard?

Hello. This is the fridge talking. The answering machine has gone on holiday. But if you speak slowly after the tone i will try and pass the message on.

What is the Best Name you have ever heard for a Girl?

Bertha, Maude, or Mildred are very pretty names... As are Jizzlynn and Areola.Just please don't go with one of those freakin' Trailer Park names like Madison, Mackenzie or Ashley. Please.

What are some of the best arguments you've heard against veganism?

I haven't heard many "good" ones, haha. But some I've heard, regardless, are:* Need the nutrients from meat/dairy/eggs.* Meat tastes good.* Vegetarianism/veganism is too hard.* Vegetarian/vegan die... Read More »