What is the best printer for photos?

Answer I have 2 Canon Pixma MP 560 printers, wifi, I use for both photo printing and printing 8 x 11 menu's for restaurants. High quality color prints, not the fastest kid on the block, but good quality.... Read More »

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I have bought a printer and want to start printing photos. What kind of paper do you recommend for photos.?

C'mon ... how hard is that question to answer??? ... if you bake you use baking paper ... so for photo's guess what ... use photo paper.Ok sorry ... I've had my rant ... there's different weights o... Read More »

Printer that prints photos?

Yes. Plenty. Take your pick according to what you can pay and the speed and quantity you want to print.You gave absolutely no details to enable a detailed answer: ask better questions, get better a... Read More »

What's the best home printer for photos of around A4 size?

if you want to print quality photographs buy an Epsom. They have separate ink cartridges fr each tone and there are excellent value. Expect to pay around £80-£100 for a descent one. Check out co... Read More »

How to Print 4 x 6 Photos on an HP 940C Printer?

The 940C is one of Hewlett Packard's Deskjet printers, which use inkjet technology to spray ink to create images or text. The 940C is able to print on photo paper as well as printer paper, and can ... Read More »