What is the best price for a Panasonic camera lens?

Answer The best price for a Panasonic camera lens can vary widely. It depends on your camera and the type of lens you are looking for. Once you know these specifics, you can use online shopping comparison... Read More »

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What is the average price for a tamron camera lens?

depend the type of lens. the range can be from 100 to 1000. generlly it has good price. it has complete series of different lens and the company has offices around the world to serve you better

Best fisheye lens for the panasonic v-700?

Read the manual. You'll find the HC-V700 has a lens diameter of 46mm.Now do a search using "46mm fisheye" and see what fits your budget.Spend less and get poor glass or plastic. Spend more for bett... Read More »

What is the best professional camera .but at the best price i am a newbie , and really could use help?

You're shooting a wedding in only two weeks? Sorry to say this, but you shouldn't. If you're asking me why, it's because you don't have enough experience or knowledge yet. My guess is that all you'... Read More »

What are the best camera lens?

Cannon is sighted as being one of the best manufacturers of camera's and camera related items such as lenses. Nikon also makes a high quality lens system.