What is the best prenatal vitamins to take?

Answer Your healthcare provider will be able to make the best recommendation based on your eating habits, nutritional needs, and how sensitive you are to what is in the vitamins.Answer:"Prenatal vitamins ... Read More »

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What prenatal vitamins should one take?

Many women wonder about taking prenatal vitamins and if they are necessary during pregnancy. Some studies show women who take prenatal vitamins have healthier babies and often less problems during... Read More »

What happens if you dont take your prenatal vitamins?

The reason to take prenatal vitamins is to be sure that you are getting everything you and your baby need in order for s/he to develop properly. It increases the chances of healthy development, but... Read More »

Are prenatal vitamins injectable?

If your doctor has not prescribed the medicine, then you should not be taking it at all. Most people with a condition make compromises in favor of the baby, sometimes reducing pain medication or us... Read More »

Should you take prenatal vitamins when trying to conceive?

Prenatal vitamins are great for taking before you get pregnant, and at the very least you should take a folic acid supplement. That helps prevent spinal cord malformations in a growing baby (namel... Read More »