What is the best premium dry cat food?

Answer On One Hand: Cats Need MeatCats are obligate carnivores and need animal protein and moderate amounts of fat for energy and good health. Check the lists of ingredients on bags of dry food. The best ... Read More »

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What is the best setting for virtual memory using vista premium?

Consider two or three times the amount of physical memory in the computer as a starting point for the virtual memory size in Windows Vista. In a computer with 3 GB of memory, the virtual memory siz... Read More »

What are the best American supplements brands Can you make me a top 10 Better premium or cheap?

American supplements are the worst. We passed a law in the 90s which allows supplement makers to sell product which are untested under lobbying pressure from the supplement industry and consumer pr... Read More »

Advice re the best way to set up premium rate sms text service?

Where are you located? If in the US or Canada, give me shout I may be able to help can txt me via a service called (, my ID is NIZ

Which insurance agency offers the best coverage for the premium in Michigan?

Answer My experience has been LIBERTY MUTUAL for complete Home/Auto, etc. policies. I check every 2-3 years all the major insurance carriers.