What is the best possible treatment for Hyperthyroidism?

Answer Hey,,,,,, i also follow ayurveda, i always use ayurvedic hair oils,shampoos ,soap etc.....According to ayurveda prevention is better than cureYou can ask ayurvedic experts in reg... Read More »

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How expensive is a radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroidism?

I`m not sure what the cost is,but wanted to offer an alternative.Look at books by David Brownsteine,a holistic endocrinologist and Broda Barnes.Look at the book prescription For Nutritional healing... Read More »

What are the possible treatment for depression?

The most popular is counseling and meds. I would suggest that you contact your doctor or call a Mental Health Association to start. Look in the phone book the number is there.

What is the best possible HDTV brands from best to worst?

Consumer Reports. LCD 1. Sony Bravia 2.Sharp Aquos 3. Samsung, LG Opus. Cheaper ones but still okay for the size Vizio and Westinghouse. Worse: Polaroid, HP, Sanyo, Sylvania

What is the best treatment for PHN?

there is a new drug called neurontrin or something it suppose to help eliviate the pain. But I recommend Vicodnie, Lidocain patch, and Valium.