How to Align Your Peep Sight & Sight on Your Bow?

Answer The peep sight is a small circle with a round opening in the center. The sight attaches to the string on a bow and it narrows the field of vision when the archer is in a full draw position. The sig... Read More »

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How to Sight in a Burris Red Dot Sight?

Designed to help hunters pick up the target in dim light, Burris Optics manufactures a line of fiber optic firearm sights with an illuminated red dot. The Red Dot line of sights does not cast a dot... Read More »

How to Get an Automatic and Correct Flash Sight Picture and an Automatic and Correct Sight Picture With P&S?

P&S is a natural, fast, and accurate shooting method that can be used to get an automatic and correct Flash Sight Picture + an automatic and correct Sight Picture for each shot, and regardless of w... Read More »

What Causes Bad Eye Sight?

The biggest dent to eye sight came with the advent of reading. Our eyes are designed to be looking around not at a tiny area of printed words for hours at a time. The eyes are a muscle that we neve... Read More »

How bad is my eye sight?

Did you get those numbers off the glasses frames? (The numbers on the frames have nothing to do with your prescription, they are the lens opening width and bridge width (in mm). Usually they give y... Read More »