What is the best possible HDTV brands from best to worst?

Answer Consumer Reports. LCD 1. Sony Bravia 2.Sharp Aquos 3. Samsung, LG Opus. Cheaper ones but still okay for the size Vizio and Westinghouse. Worse: Polaroid, HP, Sanyo, Sylvania

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Best and worst brands of diet cola.?

I was always a Diet Pepsi drinker. I live in Alaska and we did not have any discount type stores when I was growing up. Neither of the grocery store chains carried any generic brands either. Finall... Read More »

What are the best UK brands of supplements Nature's Best, Simplysupplement, etc... Can i have a top 10 ?

Many of those brands use same formula as they are owned by one company in some cases.However, to get a UK answer, maybe you should visit UK Yahoo answers.

What is the best device to hook up for streaming from internet to HDTV?

What is the best 40-46" LCD HDTV to buy for the best price?

My husband bought a 40 inch 1080p Samsung HDTV the week before thanksgiving. It was on sale for $1200, regular $1800 at Circuit City. I like the Samsung picture better than the Sony.