What is the best position to make baby?

Answer If both of you are serious, then the best positions would be the two classical one. Missionary (which will help the semen travel more easily to the egg) or "cowgirl" (which is where the male is lay... Read More »

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Can you tell the position of your baby without ultrasound?

When you feel your stomach the hard part you feel is your baby's back and bottom. If you follow your baby's back and find a little dip then a little bump that is your baby's neck and head. I know t... Read More »

What is the -2 position for the baby's head mean?

This is a rough measurement of how far above the rim of the pelvis the baby's head is. Measured from the ischial spines (the bits that hurt when you ride a bicycle for too long.) It means the baby'... Read More »

38 week baby is in a breech position?

There is no escaping the fact that it is more dangerous for the baby to be delivered by the breech as the baby's head is supposed to go through the pelvis first as it is the widest part of the baby... Read More »

Does a baby stay in one position in the womb?

A baby can and does change positions while inside the womb, according to the What to Expect website by Heidi Murkoff, one of the authors of "What to Expect When You're Expecting."References:What to... Read More »