What is the best position to make baby?

Answer If both of you are serious, then the best positions would be the two classical one. Missionary (which will help the semen travel more easily to the egg) or "cowgirl" (which is where the male is lay... Read More »

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When providing a position to the commander what is the best way to cover your six o clock position?

Well, I'm not really sure, I mean, you can go to, they have the answers to that question, about whether or not you can join the army if you have a felony. I think it said you can, but you'... Read More »

What is the position of a normal baby in the womb?

Most commonly, babies in the womb have there knees pulled up, there hands in each other.

What if the baby is reverse position during pregnancy?

i am in starting of 4th week of my pregnancy ,my blood pressure is normal ,but doctor said infant is weak and look to be in reverse position.what u suggest?

What position is the baby inside the womb at 31 weeks?

You will find your baby's head down by the 31st week of a healthy pregnancy, in most cases. Some babies won't be head down at 31 weeks but will get into the head-down position by 36 weeks. If not,... Read More »