What is the best pool game for the PC?

Answer On One Hand: Major PC ReleasesPool games for the PC have been around for about as long as gaming for the PC has been available. Major PC releases that achieved good reviews include 2000's "Virtual ... Read More »

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What is the best pool PC game?

On One Hand: Virtual Pool 3 is highly ratedGame Spot gives Virtual Pool 3 for PC a rating of 8.7 out of 10--its highest rated pool game for the PC. It goes on to state that the game looks and plays... Read More »

Who invented the game of pool?

The game of pool, also called billiards, evolved from an outdoor French game similar to croquet that was moved indoors and played on green felt. The game, called "English billiards" or "snookers," ... Read More »

How many hits do you get in the game of pool?

In eight-ball pool, the most widely played game of pool, a player continues to shoot as long as he pockets one or more balls in his target group (stripes or solids). If he fails or commits a foul, ... Read More »

Can you shoot down the table in a game of pool?

Players are permitted to shoot down the table in a game of pool. The only two restrictions shooters face are which balls they can hit, which depends on the rules of the game, and which pocket they ... Read More »