Is there a place that you can visit babies?

Answer This depends on what country you go to. In some orphanages abroad you get to meet all the kids but in the US and most countries you go through a adoptive agency and if you want a baby you have to w... Read More »

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Would Finland be good place to visit ?

No not really. It's bitter cold there and just a piece of frozen ice, a bittter tundra. You don't want to get frozen under the bitter tundra.

Is New York a good place to visit?

Oh yes !!! Especially the city ! You can see a Broadway show ( HIGHLY recommend The Phantom of the Opera), go on tours ( movies, food, bus, walking,etc) go shopping, go to museums, go to diffrent r... Read More »

Where is the most exciting place to visit in Europe and why?

I believe Scandinavia with its nature, diversity and rich cultural heritage will be worth your while :) And if it's excitement and thrills you seek, there are a lot of Norwegian fjords with sites l... Read More »

The sunni3st place to visit in melbourne?