Who likes pineapple pizza and who thinks pineapple has no place to be on a pizza lol?

Answer its good

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How to Order a Pizza Over the Phone?

Whether it be for a party, a family craving for pizza, or just a chance to get fine quality pizza without having to make it yourself, many people like to order a pizza over the phone. Here's how.

Can vegans order Pizza Hut?…it will be cross-contaminated, and it's likely you'll get some sprinkled on from pizzas cooked next to yours. sorry. It's up to you if you want to risk ha... Read More »

Whats the best pizza to order from?

there's an amici's pizza & pasta right by downtown mountain view in castro st. i like their amici's combo thin crust. definitely better than pizza hut and they deliver too. hmm, now i want pizza too..

When u order a pizza. how many slices do u eat?