What is the best place to buy fairly inexpensive violins in Virginia?

Answer You are correct in staying away from the internet discounters like Ebay and Craigslist, add Amazon to that list. All these places just sell the junk instruments. Potters, Gails, Brobst and Lashof, ... Read More »

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Where's the best place to buy a used, inexpensive computer monitor?

Get someone who does a little computer maintenance to check your fuse. Should run you a couple of bucks and a smile.

Where is the best and safest place to stay in Virginia Beach with children?

the farther you keep them away from us , the safer we'll be, thank you

Where is the best place in Virginia to buy chemicals for an easy set pool and should it be emptied after summer?

How can I attract new customers to a fairly new pizza place?

You've got to give people an offer they can't refuse (most people already have a favorite pizza place), so bite the bullet and offer a great price on your pizza's for one week and make sure each an... Read More »