What is the best place for ribs in Kansas City?

Answer Danny Edward's Famous KC BBQ, 1227 Grand Blvd, KC, Missouri…:-)

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Is Kansas City a good place to live ?

It depends on where you are moving from. The crime rate in Kansas city is high, except for little pockets here and there. North Kansas City has the lowest crime rate. The cost of living is reaso... Read More »

Is the cosmetology program at Kansas City Kansas Community College worth it?

Don't sell it short. It is cheap because it is a community college. The other places are private academies, so they need to charge more. You will be fine there.

How long is a flight from Kansas City, Kansas to Tampa, Florida?

A flight between Kansas City International Airport in Kansas City and Tampa International Airport in Tampa, Florida takes roughly two hours. The flight, which travels southeast through Missouri, Ar... Read More »

Where is the military base fort riley in kansas city, kansas?

Fort Riley is an active military base in Kansas and it is 130 miles west of Kansas City. There are over 100,000 acres on the base and over 18,000 personnel stationed there.References:Center for Lan... Read More »