Can a bad esn verizon phone be reactivated with a good sim from verizon?

Answer No.

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What phone should i get from verizon?

How to Move a Phone Number From One Phone to Another With Verizon?

It is not difficult for most people to collect hundreds of contacts in their cell phone's phone book. Transferring all of those contacts over to a new phone can be extremely time-consuming. Verizon... Read More »

I need to get a new phone which phone from verizon should i get?

ok so first the bad phones to stay away from Samsung Juke bad phone breaks way to fast any and all motorola phones there all bad break to fast bad calling and volume and just a bad phone ok so that... Read More »

Which verizon wireless phone do YOU think is the best?

G'zOne is waterproof shockproof, and fire resistant