Which cell phone service best for unlimited texting?

Answer Well, I have verizon. I have unlimited texting and it is really cheap. And I think that verizon has the best phones. So I would say verizon, if your thinking about texting AND phones.

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What att phone is better iPhone or the lg vu you love music and texting So which cell phone should you choose?

the iPhone is obviously better because all the app the web browser and i tunes on your phone its also full touch touchscreen keyboard so i would choose the i phone its the best phone on the market ... Read More »

Is texting on the i9 3g phone complicated?

The maps are created by computer i guess like they draw the streets and stuff and other maps like Google Earth are made by satellite, it takes pictures of the earth from up in space.

My mom blocked texting on my phone?

Make a deal with her, i.e. she'll give you back your texting privileges if you agree to certain limitations or if you do something for her.

Does the htc evo 4g phone have texting?

Yes. The HTC Evo 4G offers three text input options. First, and most basic, is the standard HTC keyboard. The Evo also has voice-to-text (the ability to record a voice and convert it to writing). T... Read More »