What Is the Best Alltel Phone?

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Can you use a Verizon phone on Alltel servers?

In early 2009, Verizon bought Alltel Communications. Your Verizon cell phone will work through Alltel servers and its wireless network without a problem. Certain parts of the United States are list... Read More »

How to Add Money to a Prepaid Alltel Phone?

Prepaid phones from companies such as Alltell enable you to have a cell phone without signing a lengthy contract. If you use your cell phone infrequently, you can even save money since you pay only... Read More »

Can i use a prepaid alltel phone on a normal plan?

Prepaid cell phones from Alltel, such as the LG AX-145, cannot be used on normal network plans unless they are unlocked. Once the phone is unlocked, they can operate on CDMA networks, such as Veri... Read More »

Can a Verizon android phone be unlocked for use on alltel?

A smartphone that uses the Android operating system. Androids are available for GSM or CDMA cellular technologes. In 2011, dual-mode Android phones that support both were introduced.