What is the best pet insurance that vets recommend?

Answer I definitely would recommend getting pet insurance through Trupanion! Their website is really easy to read and straightforward. Not only that, you can also do free quotes and read about how it diff... Read More »

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What do vets recommend for dog shampoo?

Since a wide range of shampoo products is available for each dog's particular fur and skin type, vets can give dog owners the best advice on what type of shampoo is best for their dog.SignificanceA... Read More »

Is there any comprehensive annual tour internet insurance policy that you recommend?

If you live in India, there are many reputed companies that offer this policy. All you require doing is to determine your specific travel and cover requirements prior to getting a policy.

The best scanner that you can recommend?

I am also using an all in one hp printer like yours. I recommend decreasing the dpi/resolution when you are scanning it will make the scanning faster.

Is there a database that insurance companies share which prevent you from covertly being on two insurance plans at the same time and picking and choosing the best insurance plan for different needs?

Answer I'm not sure that there is a database that they share, but there is a big concern that you would use both companies for a single claim, 'making money' for being sick or injured. Fraudulant c... Read More »