What is the best paper trimmer for scrapbooking&card making?

Answer On One Hand: Paper CapacityThere are two basic types of paper cutters used for paper crafts; swing-arm paper cutters (also called guillotine paper cutters) and sliding blade paper cutters. Sliding... Read More »

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How Do I Use a Guillotine Paper Trimmer?

Guillotine paper cutters, also called stack cutters, feature a manual lever with a straight blade that can cut through several layers of paper at one time. Guillotine cutters are named for the exec... Read More »

How to Sharpen a Paper Trimmer Blade?

When your paper trimmer blade gets dull, you should notice it in the ability of the trimmer to cut through paper. If the trimmer can't precisely trim the same number of sheets it used to, it may be... Read More »

How do I respool an electric trimmer weed trimmer?

Removing the Lock RingThe lock ring is the part of your electric weed eater that keeps the spool in place. Find the lock ring and push in the two tabs to release it. Remove it and then the spool.Re... Read More »

Directions for Making a Paper Sailor Hat?

Mothers have been creating crafts and costumes for children from supplies around the house for centuries, long before the era of convenience and super stores. Paper crafts present a cheap project t... Read More »