What is the best paint for wood?

Answer On One Hand: Acrylic Latex PaintLatex paint is easy to use and clean and is also inexpensive with quick dry times. It is used in a wide variety of settings but is most commonly seen on home exterio... Read More »

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What type of paint is best for painting wood furniture Enamel, latex, oil base or what?

I paint furniture with oil enamel. It gives a finish which resembles porcelainI start with a lot of sanding to make it all perfectly smooth, sanding with progressively finer grits of sand paper to ... Read More »

The Best Way to Remove Paint From Wood?

If you have a painted wood surface, such as a wall, furniture or floor, you may decide it is time to remove the paint color and either start from scratch or leave the wood with its original color. ... Read More »

Does anyone the best way to take paint off of wood?

Surprised that no one has mentioned this yet... use one of those heat guns specifically designed for stripping paint. It looks kinda like a blow dryer or a hot glue gun. I stripped 7 layers (no kid... Read More »

The Best Ways to Remove Paint From a Piece of Wood?

Several methods are used to remove paint from wood. The easiest, fastest and cheapest way is to simply scrape and sand the wood, but this method often fails to completely remove old paint. Fortunat... Read More »