What is the best paint for a basement concrete wall?

Answer On One Hand: Epoxy is the BestAccording to Garage Sealer, epoxy paint bonds well with concrete and gives a hard, durable surface that is stain resistant. This claim is further substantiated when Co... Read More »

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How to Paint a Concrete Wall?

Painting a concrete wall can spruce up an area or make it blend in with the rest of the area's decor. However, there are some things to consider when painting a concrete wall. You must choose the a... Read More »

How do I get paint off my basement floor that is peeling and what kind of paint should I use to repaint it?

Up at home depot they sell/rent scrapers that are meant specifically for removing paint and other icky things off of cement floors. Sand blasting would work, but in an enclosed environment is not r... Read More »

How to Fix Basement Concrete Blocks?

The stability of your home relies on the strength of its foundation. If your home has concrete blocks in the basement, they might crack and chip over time. You will need to fill and repair the bloc... Read More »

Can you install carpet over concrete in a basement?