How do I put a scope on a paint ball gun?

Answer Use the weaver-style mount scope mount to attach a scope to your paintball gun. Most paintball guns are equipped with weaver-style scope mounts, the exact same kind of mounts found on most modern w... Read More »

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What is the best paint to buy to cover dark paint I want to change a wall from dark red to cream.?

Buy a top-quality brand name paint from a paint store, not a department store - Duron, Sherwin-Williams, that sort of thing. Stay away from bargain paints or low-end paints; buy the best they have... Read More »

Are paint ball guns firearms?

Paintball guns are typically used in recreation areas specifically meant for the purpose of playing paintball. Protective wear and face shields are worn because paintball guns can cause injury. Pai... Read More »

How far can paint ball guns shoot?

The average effective range of an unaltered paintball gun is around 125 ft. However, depending on alterations the owner has made, including changing bolts, barrels and velocity, the effective range... Read More »

How to Play Paint Ball Gun Games?

Paintball is a battlefield-style game played with a special gun that fires a paint-filled ball by means of compressed air. A paintball can be fired at speeds averaging between 200 and 300 feet per ... Read More »