What is the best painkillers for toothache?

Answer Thyme essential oil: Two drops in 4 ounces of water for mouthwash for toothache or sore throat. MARJORAM,WILD MARJORAM - Origanum vulgare (Labiatae):The diluted oil can be applied to toothache or p... Read More »

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What can i use to relieve toothache. Painkillers arent helping.?

It's time to go to see a Dentist! Why prolong it? If you dont enjoy the pain then why make yourself suffer? GO SEE A DENTIST!

I have awful toothache even painkillers aren't touching it?

Be with me, and I'll take your ache away. lol

Question for women. toothache or child birth I was to;d today that toothache is worse. What do you think?

I would imagine if both were drug free that toothache would be worse. I have had six children, the first boy (9lb 30z) was excrutiatingly painful even though i had everything i could including an e... Read More »

What is the best way to get rid of a toothache?

I am a dental professional. You can try Advil,Ibuprofen, However, make you follow up with your dentist.If the filling was deep, it may now need a Root canal.