What is the best over the counter pain relief for toothache?

Answer Ibuprofen + Anbesol. Gargling with warm salt water will help, too.

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Over the counter toothache/pain relief (in the UK)?

"swishing whisky" what a great couple of words Mike :) I was on holiday with a terrible wisdom tooth once, and I used vodka to try and get it to stop hurting quite so much. Have you tried Codeine t... Read More »

Anyone know of any relief for a toothache pain pills not working.?

Clove oil rubbed on the gums around the tooth.Also, at Wal-Mart, in the denture section, there is a little tube of medication, that comes in a little box; calledBenzodine, Benzident, Benz-somethin... Read More »

Can anyone suggest the best natural relief from toothache Ouch!?

clove oil - available from pharmacies tastes minging but does the job

Over the counter meds./ vitamins, etc for muscle relaxation / anxiety relief?

Yoga is good for anxiety, stress, worry and depression and can help you to relax.St John's Wort and Valerian are supposed to help as well as other means discussed in the third link below.Unfortunat... Read More »