Is telling a girl that I have a winnebago full of rootbeer a good pick up line?

Answer Yes and you can pick me up at my house tomorrow at 7pm.Hope you like minature golfing!

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Best, Most Cost Effective Web Hosting for Me?

If you're not looking for any thing serious you can always use a free web hosting service. They're plenty of those out there but all the ones I know of show ads on their free version. If you're oka... Read More »

Which is the best and most effective digital camera?

What's the best, most effective way to clean the inside of your car windows?

warm water and a couple of capfulls of white vinegar and wash and dry off with scrnched up newspaper.if its sunny out wear sunglasses so you will see any streaks

If you have to provide medical ins for your ex who has an existing medical condition where can you get the best most cost effective coverage?

Answer You're probably NOT required to get her the coverage, but to pay the premiums. You also have a problem with HIPAA Privacy in that she doesn't have to tell you what her medical problems are,... Read More »