What is the best operating system (such as Linux, Windows XP, etc.)?

Answer I currently use a Mac because it is hard to get a virus. However, like not-Windows Operating Systems, there are many comparability issues such as opening a Publisher document, because companies do... Read More »

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What is the Linux operating system compared to Windows XP?

Though Windows is by far the most widely used line of operating systems, Linux is certainly a comparable alternative, particularly for more advanced computer users. Both platforms have benefits and... Read More »

Can I download an operating system software such as Windows XP?

You can no longer legally download Windows XP since only the most recent Microsoft operating systems are available for download. You can download similar open-source operating systems that are Linu... Read More »

What's the best Linux operating system Why?

Any hardcore Linux user (as in one whose opinion you would want on this matter) will tell you immediately (as some have) that your question its un-answerable. it depends entirely on the person and... Read More »

Which network operating system is better: Linux Ubuntu or Microsoft Windows 2003 Server?

I am surprised that anyone can answer your question with this little information, as this is not possible. It mostly depends on the role that the server will perform, what other servers and service... Read More »