What is the best operating system for a laptop computer- windows vista or XP?

Answer That would depend on the laptop and its processor speed and ram. Vista works very good on a laptop with a 3ghz processor and at least 2 gigs of ram. Anything short of that, XP is the way to go.Vist... Read More »

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How do I go about changing my windows XP operating system to Windows Vista Im upgrading my whole system.?

Hi,don't do it stick to XP Pro with SP2 it's still the best OS.

Is Windows Vista Ultimate a 64-bit operating system?

The retail version of Windows Vista Ultimate includes both the 32- and 64-bit versions and can be installed on a computer running either type of processor. The boxed versions of some other editions... Read More »

Can Windows XP& Vista be on the same operating system?

Windows Vista and Windows XP are actually two different operating systems made by Microsoft. They cannot be installed on the same PC since they are both separate operating systems. With a few excep... Read More »

How to Install Linux on a Laptop With the Vista Operating System?

Although many current laptops are running Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system, it is possible to add Linux to that computer as either an addition to Vista or as a replacement. With a downloa... Read More »