What is the best natural yeast-free dog food?

Answer On One Hand: Yeast Culture is UnnecessaryYeast culture is a commonly found ingredient in pet foods. But according to the Dog Food Project, it provides no nutritional value. Some dogs may even be al... Read More »

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How to Use Natural Yeast Flakes for Baking?

Natural yeast flakes are not the same thing as baking yeast, so you cannot use them for making bread rise. They can be used as a vegetarian or vegan substitute for cheese when preparing dishes. You... Read More »

Making Mead with Natural Yeast?

Absolutely!!!!Provided the raisins are 100% naturally created, that is grapes dried on the vine. There will be wild yeasts clinging to the skins which will begin the process of fermentation of you... Read More »

What are natural and effective yeast infection cures?

Buy some raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar preferably organic. Bragg is a common brand dilute it with a little water and apply several times a day it works. Go to a health food store to purchas... Read More »

Dog Food for Yeast Infections?

When your dog has a yeast infection you can always tell: He starts to itch, his skin gets red and irritated, and he can develop sores and begin to lose his hair. Dogs contract yeast infections from... Read More »