What is the best natural medicine for treating high blood pressure?

Answer I may be pointing out the obvious here but a healthy diet (low salt, fat and sugar, lots of fruit, veg, wholegrain and a little quality protein) and plenty of exercise is the best medicine. Some he... Read More »

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Is high blood pressure medicine a diuretic?

Not all blood pressure medications are diuretics; however, some diuretics are often used in combination with additional prescription therapies. Diuretics help the body get rid of excess water and s... Read More »

Y the medicine don't work for high blood pressure?

Everybody is built differently. There are some people who respond to the medicines immediately, and others that are sometimes put on 2 types of medicines 2 to 3 times a day to try to control blood... Read More »

Can taking high blood pressure medicine lead to depression?

On One Hand: Blood Pressure Medication May Causes Depression.Medication prescribed for high blood pressure can cause people to become depressed. Those who suffer with high blood pressure and take m... Read More »

What are some natural cures for high blood pressure?

I inherited high BP from both of my parents, but do not like what the BP meds do to me...I tried several for years, none of them worked and the side affects were terrible.I now take garlic pills (o... Read More »