What is the best natural cure for a headache?

Answer That dull ache in the back of your head may be a nagging sign of too much stress. How can you tame the tension and find relief? According to research or other evidence, the following self-care step... Read More »

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What is the best way to cure a headache?

When you have a headache what is the best cure?

i nice warm bath, a hot towel over your face and nice dark light then you can't hear or see and all you fell is warmth i know it sounds a little gay but it works if you don't like pills

Best cure for a headache?

water, a headache is either swelling of the brain or shrinking of the skin around the brain, caused by dehydration, so if you drink a re hydrating liquid the headache will go, that is if it is a he... Read More »

What's the best cure for a Headache... what is your old fashioned help, or favorite wives tale?

It depends on the type of headache. If it's sinus-related, I use peppermint oil (dabbed on the forehead, temples and at the base of the skull). If it's a tension headache, I use chamomile or lave... Read More »