What is the best name for a baby girl whose mother is 16?

Answer I think it should be somthing you like, for example if you like cherries you could call her Sherri, or you could call her India (as sugested by the previous answer) if you like the country.Hope it ... Read More »

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What is the Best Name you have ever heard for a Girl?

Bertha, Maude, or Mildred are very pretty names... As are Jizzlynn and Areola.Just please don't go with one of those freakin' Trailer Park names like Madison, Mackenzie or Ashley. Please.

Best name for a newborn Girl?

Congratulations!Names I like at the moment [simple is always best - she will be an adult one day]Mary [me!]AnnaPaulaLi [I realise that your daughter may not be Chinese - but I Iike the name].

Which baby girl name do you like the best?

Elizabeth. It's pretty and classic. And I love the nickname Ellie.I could go into my dissection of the reasons why I don't like the others, but I'm sure you don't want to hear that. LolD! What are ... Read More »

What was the name of the cartoon kids program with three siblings two boys one girl the girl had purple hair and she was a witch her brothers were wizards and they had a magic talking spell book?

Sounds like "UBOS - Ultimate Book of Spells", from about 2002 or so.