What is the best name for a baby girl whose mother is 16?

Answer I think it should be somthing you like, for example if you like cherries you could call her Sherri, or you could call her India (as sugested by the previous answer) if you like the country.Hope it ... Read More »

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Should i marry someone whose mother has diabetes and high blood pressure The girl is on the fat side?

Generally, people think diabetes is hereditary.It is not. It is a dietary problem.Both can run in the family simply because of the same food and lifestyle, leading to a higher risk percentage.These... Read More »

Which baby girl name do you like the best?

Elizabeth. It's pretty and classic. And I love the nickname Ellie.I could go into my dissection of the reasons why I don't like the others, but I'm sure you don't want to hear that. LolD! What are ... Read More »

How can a father who pays child support and whose name is on the birth certificate change the child's last name to his if he and the child's mother were not married?

Answer - In most states, if the parents of a child are not married, then the mother is the sole \"legal\" parent of the child. Paying child support gives you no legal rights. Child support is not a... Read More »

Is a 16 yr old girl that had a baby have to live with her mother and stepfather or can she choose to live elsewhere for a better envirher baby Smoking is one issue?

It is possible for her to emancipate herself from her parents if the situation is very bad.