What is the best muscle-gaining supplement?

Answer On One Hand: Creatine for Muscle GrowthCreatine is widely touted by fitness and health professionals as the best legal supplement for supporting muscle growth. It increases the production of adenos... Read More »

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Best way for gaining muscle size?

Your calorie intake has to greatly increase. Protein is good for rebuilding muscles after a workout. The best exercises for gaining mass are the basic ones like squats, dead lifts, bench press. ... Read More »

Best supplement to gain muscle mass ?

Exercise. I know, that's the obvious answer, but I wanted to preface with that first... without exercise, no supplement will make you gain muscle.As far as supplements to take with exercise, any ty... Read More »

What can I eat while gaining muscle?

If you are in the process of gaining weight and muscle like I did in the past, you should not be fixated around protein as all you need is whey in the morning and after your workout. The total prot... Read More »

What can be the reason that I'm not gaining muscle anymore?

Not working hard enoughNot enough protein / bad dietRest each muscle every 48 hours.Try different workouts.