What is the best best movie you have ever watched?

Answer Remember The Titans!!

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Best opening scenes in a movie for you which suck you in to the movie?

CITIZEN KANEThe hypnotic, eerie introduction to Orson Welles’ cinematic masterpiece Citizen Kane starts with a dark and dreamy montage. The camera glides along, its focus dissolving to reveal a s... Read More »

Best movie for Teenagers Similar to the movie Click?

Back to the FutureI totally agree with J except for Bruce Almighty. Groundhog Day is very similar and far superior to Click.

What is the best 3D LED TV out right now?

The best 3D television is a matter of opinion. Look to the major manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic and Samsung initially. Even LG have some 3D televisions that might be worth looking at althoug... Read More »

What is the best passive 3D TV out right now?

The best passive 3D television on the market at present is likely to be the LG as it is about the only company making passive 3D. Given the lack of competition in the passive 3D sector, it's not a ... Read More »