What is the best movie on this list?

Answer FargoBQ:The Reader 7Monster 9The Blind Side 7Black Swan 8.5Walk the Line 8Million Dollar Baby 9Erin Brokovich 7.5Monster's Ball 6.5The Hours 6The Queen 7.5La Vie en Rose n/aFargo 9.5As Good As It G... Read More »

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What is the best movie of this year for families?

What is the best movie you've seen this month?

Yohmm.. Slacker I think ( off your list) or Color Me Kubrick (ahem , off your list)BA : I don't think I've seen a bad movie this monthI thought Judgment at Nuremberg was nothing special.... I thoug... Read More »

What is the best movie you have seen so far this summer?

I stumbled upon a Thai movie called '13: Game of Death' and really, really enjoyed it. Maybe it's because I had no high expectations but it was brilliant! Mind you having said that, I'm off to see ... Read More »

Can you make a themed movie weekend for a future movie buff?

Theme: Mysterious Thriller 1. Se7en (watch first)2. The Prestige3. Following4. The Game5. Insomnia6. Memento (watch last)Nolan and Fincher are great at making them so that's why I mainly used them.... Read More »